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Uh oh – Rand Paul becoming much less interesting?

  • Libertarian economics still alive
    • The March issue of the Harvard Law Review includes a punchy review of Richard Epstein’s 2014 book, The Classical Liberal Constitution.
  • Can Ted Cruz actually win?
    • Less than a day since Sen. Ted Cruz jumped head first into the 2016 GOP presidential race, conservatives are fighting over his electability, with Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer’s rip that “we already tried a first-term senator” taking fire from the right.
  • No more CIA
    • The CIA’s practice of torture confirmed by the Senate Intelligence Report released on December 9 shows the agency engaged in reprehensible and illegal behaviors that were, in effect, war crimes.
  • Kids flocking across borders
    • The next explosion of illegal teen border crossing is in full swing, but just one-in-six are being sent home, with most of the rest settled in the United States, according to new government figures.
  • Recovering Libertarian traditions
    • There are some misguided beliefs about history that prevent us from seeing the course of events that led to modern constitutional democracies, and the protection of our individual liberties against overreaching power.
  • Get to Cuba before the Americans
    • Bookings to Cuba jumped 57 percent for one New York tour operator in the weeks after Washington said it would renew ties with Havana. In February, they were up 187 percent; and so far this month, nearly 250 percent.
  • Why “real” Libertarians hate Rand
    • They’ve accused the senator of shape-shifting before, but now they’re positively apoplectic he signed the GOP’s Iran letter—and one of his biggest defenders says it’s ‘the last straw.’
  • Don’t give up on Rand Paul?
    • Rand Paul is too clever for his own good.  Rand Paul has already betrayed us.  At least libertarians have something to argue about besides whether government should control lighthouses! But more and more, libertarians just seem fed up with Paul.
  • Learning the Libertarian manifesto
    • There are few things that can bring an idea more publicity that a presidential campaign. With the potential candidacy of Rand Paul, who just won the CPAC straw poll again, libertarian ideas are going to get their day in the sun. In addition, the Koch brothers, long affiliated with libertarian institutions and ideas, are reportedly going to drop $900 million on 2016.
  • Lying Americans into war
    • 16 articles that expose how they lied us into war in Iraq
  • After a 12 year mistake, let’s go!
    • Twelve years ago last week, the U.S. launched its invasion of Iraq, an act the late General William Odom predicted would turn out to be “the greatest strategic disaster in U.S. history.”
  • U.S. should leave Iraq – for good
    • Twelve years ago last week, the US launched its invasion of Iraq, an act the late General William Odom predicted would turn out to be “the greatest strategic disaster in US history.”
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