02 Oct

Ron Paul says Scottish succession movement should inspire Americans

(SmallGovTimes) – In his weekly column, former Texas Representative Ron Paul praised the latest succession movement in Scotland and reminded Americans that breaking free from unruly centralized governments is not only proper, but is what ultimately inspired the nation that we live in.

Though the succession vote in Scotland failed, it demonstrates that people around the world are growing more tired of overarching rule from unaccountable government authorities, and should “cheer supporters of the numerous secession movements springing up around the globe”.

In the United States, the succession movement is growing, Paul wrote.  “According to a recent poll, one in four Americans would support their state seceding from the federal government. Movements and organizations advocating that state governments secede from the federal government, that local governments secede from state governments, or that local governments secede from both the federal and state governments, are springing up around the country.”

Acting in a “grand American tradition”, the former congressman accurately cites the American independence movement in the 1700s, justified by the Declaration of Independence, stands as proof that “widespread acceptance of the principle of peaceful secession and self-determination could resolve many ongoing conflicts.”

Read Dr. Paul’s full essay through the Ron Paul Institute web site.


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